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Design talks.  

Good design piques your customers interest.  

Great design communicates.  Invites engagement.  Compels people to find out more about you.  

There's a lot of noise out there.  Its competitive.  You need to be seen and heard. 

We know your business success is dependent on communicating the right message to your existing and potential new customers.

Attract Attention

And over the last 20 years we've been designing graphics for exhibition stands and corporate events which do exactly that.



Sustainable print and display solutions

Minimising the use of harmful solvents

Many traditional print technologies incorporate the use of solvent based inks that leach hazardous fumes into the environment.

At Green Arena we promote the use of eco-solvent, increasingly latex and print technology.

Latex printing uses innovative aqueous-dispersed polymer technology to provide print quality and display permanence comparable with low solvent inks, and the water based formulation reduces the input of printing on the environment.

Eco-friendly media

Plastics, PVCs and traditional vinyls have a hugely negative effect on the environment.

Apart from being petroleum based they take hundreds of years to biodegrade in landfill - not a good legacy from an exhibition graphic often designed to be used only for a few days.

Bio-degradable Foam-Board

The unique foam centre in this fully biodegradable foam board contains 15% recycled content and is formulated with "bio resins".

These bio resins cause the discarded foam board to degrade in landfills or commercial composters once the foam is exposed to a bacteria-rich environment.

The unique polystyrene centre requires one to five years for 100% breakdown, whereas conventional foam boards will not biodegrade for 80 to 450 years.

Bio-degradable Vinyl

Although not 'perfect', Biodegradable vinyls are the best alternative currently available - they contain no toxic materials and are only 20% petroleum based.

At the end of their life cycle, they begin to break down within about 4 weeks and are eventually ingested by microbes which turn the residue into a powder.

Oh, and they look fabulous too!

So, whats not to like?

If you need help with ideas for your stand design drop us a line.


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