Mini Handback


Green Arena were commissioned by leading marketing agency TRO Group to build debriefing rooms within the main event area at the Oxford factory using Eco-wall, our innovative and environmentally friendly recycled/recyclable cardboard walling. 

March 2011 saw the conclusion of BMW's MINI E field trial program.

Over the previous 12 months, 40 of the all-electric powered MINIs had been tested by a mixture of private, commercial and public sector participants.

Covering nearly 250,000 miles between them, their feedback will help guide both engineering and development of electric cars at BMW Mini.

And contribute towards helping public policy makers understand the social and infrastructural realities of electric transportation.

The MINI Handback event was held at MINI's Oxford factory with the final 40 participants arriving in convoy to hand back their MINI E's.

The field test provided BMW's Special Project Group with direct feedback on their experiences of daily life with the electric vehicles.

The eco-friendly walling panels used to construct the rooms was finished in black to reflect the MINI corporate identity, and provided excellent acoustic properties allowing for debriefing sessions of the trial participants to take place concurrently within a confined area of the building.  

Green Arena also provided eco-friendly graphics for the cardboard rooms, combining bio-degradable vinyl lettering and solvent free digital printing.

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