Did you Know......

It takes one tree to provide enough oxygen for you and a friend for a year.

If half the world paper was recycled we would avoid the harvesting of 20 million acres of forestland.

Paper products make up more than 40% of landfills.

If you recycle 1 ton of cardboard it saves 17 trees.

Recycling 1 ton of plastic saves 7.4 cubic yards of landfill space.




Biodegradable Facts

Here's how long it takes for some commonly used products to biodegrade (when scattered as litter).

Paper 2-5 months

Orange peel 6 months

Wool socks 1 - 5 years

Cigarette butts 1 - 12 years

Leather shoes 24 - 40 years

Nylon fabric 30 - 40 years

Tin cans 50 - 100 years

Plastic 'beer' holder rings 450 years

Glass bottles 1 million years



Bamboo Fun Facts

Bamboo is the world's most prolific and fastest growing plant.

It is renewable and sustainable

Capable of growing 3 to 4 feet per day!

Also, ecologically speaking, the utilization of bamboo may save our environment because of the massive amounts of carbon dioxide that is sequestered while it grows.

Bamboo utilizes carbon dioxide at a rate astronomically higher than other trees, and does it year around because it is an evergreen.

Bamboo has the fastest reforestation potential of any plant,

Bamboo is an environmentally safe, renewable source of fuel and building material that has a positive effect on the environment in an age ridden with ecological problems brought on by the widespread use of fossil fuels.

Thomas Edison's first successful incandescent lamp (light bulb) used a filament made of caramelized bamboo which still burns in the Smithsonian Museum. He also used bamboo as rebar for reinforcing his swimming pool.

Alexander Graham Bell used bamboo for the first phonograph needle.

Bamboo survived the atomic bomb at Hiroshima and provided the first re-greening after the blast in 1945



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