50 Shades of .......GREEN

The Green Arena team take pride in creating stunning exhibition stands and event displays which are sourced wherever possible, using recycled, recyclable and reusable materials.

The exhibition industry is notoriously wasteful, using materials such as foam and non-recyclable carpet, which go into landfill and take hundreds of years to bio-degrade.

We endeavour to use only products than minimise impact on the environment.

We combine this with a keen interest in creative, bespoke design using innovative coverings, floorings and sustainable print and display solutions.

We're always looking for new technology and products used in creative ways to reduce our carbon footprint.

Our aim is to take a fresh look at the materials used in exhibitions and replace traditional events display items with environmentally friendly low-impact versions.

The Green Arena Tree

We're energetic and passionate about doing our bit for the environment and since our products are cool and fun to work with we've spiced up our environmental policy to cover as many eco-friendly alternatives as we can.

Hence; 50 Shades of Green

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